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Carroll claims Lutui's vegan diet led to weight loss

Say hello to the new and improved (and slightly skinny) Deuce Lutui.

When the veteran guard arrived at Seattle's offseason conditioning program, Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll estimated Lutui's weight at 208 pounds. The man lands with a thud on our player page at a thunderous 338.

Carroll's exaggerating, but the five-year pro has indeed slimmed down, and his coach explained how: Lutui has gone vegan.

That basically means the offensive lineman abstains from eating all animal products. No steaks, no fish, no poultry -- in some cases, no honey. Possibly refuses to wear leather. A man connected with the earth.

"Deuce Lutui, he is a joy to have out here," Carroll told Mike Sando of "He has got such a great spirit. He always did. We looked at opportunities to get him on this club just because of that. He looks good. His weight is down -- I mean, way down from where he can be. He's a vegan, too, now, so he has really made a big turn, if you can imagine -- yes."

Sando believes Carroll might be pranking reporters on the vegan front, but somehow, some way, Lutui has shed pounds. The former Arizona Cardinal lost his starting job in 2011. This after Lutui failed his physical during a free-agent visit with the Cincinnati Bengals last offseason. He's hoping to make it work in Seattle.

Lutui definitely makes our list of top 10 NFL vegans. Give us a few minutes while we source the other nine.

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