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Carolina Panthers owner deflects report of Los Angeles move

Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson issued a statement Sunday emphasizing that he has no plans to move the team from Charlotte, N.C.

"It has always been my desire that the Carolinas would be the home of our Panthers," Richardson said in the statement. "Nothing has changed. As someone who was born in North Carolina and lived much of my life in South Carolina, I hope that there would be no doubts about my personal devotion to the Carolinas."

ESPN reported on Sunday that Richardson had been contacted about moving the Panthers to Los Angeles.

Several teams, including the San Diego Chargers and St. Louis Rams, have been linked as candidates for a move to L.A.

In a June memo, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell detailed the conditions on moving a franchise to Los Angeles, which could be as early as the 2013 season. The memo did not rule out multiple clubs relocating to the city.

The Rams and Oakland Raiders were the last franchises to play in Los Angeles. Both moved after the 1994 season.

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