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Carolina Panthers fans to call coin toss on Facebook


Far too many decisions made by the 2012 Carolina Panthers have left their fans puzzled and wanting for more. Those faithful followers now have a chance to make their voices heard.

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Check this out: The Panthers have lost every coin toss this season. They're 0-12 on that front, leading coach Ron Rivera to flip the script: He's asking fans to vote heads or tails on Facebook before Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

This hits close to home here in the NFL newsroom.

We have a young editor named David Ely, who fancies himself a longtime Panthers fanatic. We've all watched as his broad smile before the season (he predicted an 11-5 campaign that would crescendo with a playoff appearance) has faded into dreariness as Carolina stumbles drunkenly through the campaign.

A bit more on Ely: He religiously wears a hipster V-neck Panthers tee to work on Sundays and went so far as to name his new puppy "Cam." Young Ely is about as devoted as they come, so we asked him which side of the coin Panthers fans should vote for:

Ely chose "tails," but added this cautionary note: "Honestly, I'd rather them lose the coin toss. It's one of the most interesting things going on for them."

Welcome to the uneven mental state of Carolina's fan base.

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