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Candid Locklear becomes cautionary tale for NFL fringe players

Unsolicited advice: If you're a fringe player in the NFL, try to refrain from using prominent social media sites to insult your head coach.

You'd think that doesn't need to be explained, but then there's the case of Redskins offensive lineman Sean Locklear, who aired his grievances with Mike Shanahan and the entire Washington organization after Sunday's season-ending loss to the Eagles.

As per his routine every year, Shanahan gave his parting words to the players in the locker room after Sunday's game. On Monday, with the coach absent, Redskins players heard from Navy SEALs and a marine as part of a program mandated by the NFL.

"Worst exit meeting ever!," Locklear later tweeted. "No coaches, no front office, just physicals and goodbye to teammates! We did just spend 5 mos together, WOW!"

Locklear later deleted the tweet, then sent a follow-up message that read: "Whoa, I apologize Redskins nation, didn't mean to cause any stir! Gotta keep feelings out it! #Business"

If only it were that easy, Sean. When a media member told Shanahan about Locklear's tweet, the coach had vengeance on his mind.

"I talked to Sean after the game and, obviously, he must not have liked my speech," Shanahan said with more than a touch of sarcasm, according to The Associated Press. "Obviously he must have been disappointed in it. I've only been doing it that way for a number of years, and he must be used to a different way. So I apologize, Sean, it'll never happen again -- at least not with me."

Translation: Sean Locklear, you have lost all your D.C. privileges. Please leave behind your key card and team property, and best of luck in the future.

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