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Camp Buzz: Last straw for Titans' Kenny Britt?

When is enough, enough?

For the Tennessee Titans and wide receiver Kenny Britt, it might just have come Wednesday via an Instagram post. Really.

On the same day Britt first spoke about his visit with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the Titans' most talented wideout posted a team fine online via social media. Britt was fined $9,915 on Thursday for missing a mandatory scheduled appointment with the team trainer.

Britt's response was to post it and mock it:

"Yu gotta be (expletive) kidding me.. walk back to dis.. Don't dey know I have kids .. I'm tired of did (expletive)," Britt wrote.

The posting happened too late in the day for Titans coach Mike Munchak to respond. It's fair to wonder if Munchak is at the end of his rope after Britt's latest DUI, his seventh mishap with the police since he entered the NFL. Munchak wasn't in town when Britt was drafted.

The Titans would be more apt to grin and bear it like they did for too long with cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones if Britt was healthy. But he's not. He's undergone three surgeries in the last year and seems unlikely to be ready for the season.

Ross Tucker of Sirius/XM NFL Radio put it well: "(Britt) still doesn't get it, which means he never will."

The Titans have to wonder if Tucker is right and if it's time to give up. Social media could have claimed yet another victim.

Unlucky team of the day

When new owner Jimmy Haslam joined the Cleveland Browns last week, I was happy for their fans. They deserve better. Wednesday was a great example.

The one-two punch of cornerback Joe Haden's reported impending suspension for a failed drug test and Trent Richardson's knee surgery is tough to swallow for a team that just lost linebacker Chris Gocong for the season. Combine that with linebacker Scott Fujita's suspension and nose tackle Phil Taylor's surgery, and this defense is going to be hurting early in the year.

There is no such thing as "minor" surgery no matter how this is spun. The Browns want to build their offense around Richardson, and he's getting work done on the same knee that gave him trouble in college. Along with Joe Thomas, Brandon Weeden and Haden, Richardson is the most important young player on the Browns. This is a discouraging start for him.

A Good Day for ...

  1. New York Jets guard Matt Slauson has won the starting left guard spot over Vlad Ducasse in New York. Ducasse's impressive performance in the Jets' "King Ugly" competition as a rookie may turn out to be a career highlight.
  1. We mentioned the buzz Houston Texans rookie Keshawn Martin was getting a few days ago. By all accounts, he's wrapped up the slot receiver job in Houston.
  1. Plaxico Burress' agent has to be happy. The former Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants and Jets receiver has reportedly lowered his contract demands. There's a decent shot he could be signed after Week 1 when full-season contracts are no longer guaranteed.

On the Agenda

There are six preseason games on the docket. We'll preview them later in the day and have full coverage of them during Thursday night's action. We also will be posting our mailbag this afternoon, so get in on the action. Happy Thursday. 12 teams are playing tackle football tonight.

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