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Cam Newton or Andrew Luck: Who's your pick?

You're starting an NFL franchise tomorrow.

They're named the London Fog and the English are madferrit. Under some loophole in the expansion draft system, you have the opportunity to pluck either Cam Newton or Andrew Luck from their respective teams. (We'll get to the fallout connected to the front offices of the Panthers and Colts at a later date).

Who do you pick? Age won't help you make a decision here: Newton just turned 25, and Luck reaches the same age in September. How about team success? Luck has led the Colts to the postseason in each of his first two years, and went off in a wild playoff comeback against the Chiefs in January.

Newton needed three years to crack the playoffs -- and went one-and-done when he did -- but that 12-win Panthers team was superior to either of Luck's Colts squads.

A look at the numbers shows Newton has been a slightly more accurate passer who easily takes the title as the NFL's best rushing quarterback. Luck is no slouch as a scrambler himself, of course, and it's generally believed Luck is operating with a higher ceiling than any young passer alive right now.

Bottom line: Both QBs are studs you'd be lucky to build a franchise around. Luck is our choice, but we wouldn't shed a tear if we ended up with the affable Under Armor spokesman.

Players who took part in NFL Network's The Top 100 Players of 2014 voting side with Newton. The Panthers star was revealed at No. 24 on the countdown during Wednesday night's telecast. Luck showed up at No. 30.

A few more takeaways from Wednesday's episode:

»Patrick Peterson (No. 22) might see himself as the best cornerback in football, but The Top 100 voters don't seem to agree. Richard Sherman hasn't shown up yet, but he will.

»Terrell Suggs' inclusion at No. 26 furthers our belief that a lot of Ravens take part in The Top 100 voting. Yeesh.

»Antonio Brown came in at No. 23, two spots ahead of Dez Bryant. If the Steelers offered Brown for Dez straight up, how long does Jerrah laugh before hanging up the phone?

» It's good to see Andre Johnson (No. 21) getting the respect he deserves. That man has remained at or near the top of the food chain for a very long time.

» There are just five quarterbacks left on the countdown. You can probably name them. If you can put them in the correct order, you'll receive a London Fog internship.

In the latest episode of the "Around The League Podcast," the guys discuss Rob Gronkowski's comeback and Cordarrelle Patterson's potential rise in '14.

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