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Cam Newton, Michael Vick share 'rare' skill set

Cam Newton grew up in the Atlanta area when Michael Vickmania was at its hype. Everyone had a Vick jersey, including Newton.

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"Everyone wanted to either wear No. 7, play quarterback, throw left handed, be agile like him, buy his shoes," Newton told Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer.

On Monday night, Newton will face Vick's team in one of the most depressing "Monday Night Football" games in recent history. It should have been a great QB showdown. Instead, it's a matchup of the NFC's two most disappointing teams. Vick will be on the sidelines because of his concussion, while Nick Foles starts for the Eagles.

Newton and Vick have had numerous conversations over the years, with Vick telling Newton to let the game come to him.

"The skill set that I have and the skill set that he has is kind of rare, especially in this league, but it's your gift and your curse," Newton said. "Sometimes it can get you out of a lot of trouble. Sometimes it can put you in trouble, if you lean on it too much."

Newton and Vick both got into too much trouble on the field this season, but Newton has inexperience as a justification. Vick's career has already peaked. Newton has already shown the necessary attributes to win from the pocket that Vick never did. Despite Newton's sophomore slump, he's more accurate than Vick ever was.

We agree with Newton that he and Vick have a unique skill set. Newton is in better position to fully take advantage of it.

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