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Cam Heyward: Eagles' mauling angered Steelers D

Instead of the third preseason game being a dress rehearsal, the Philadelphia Eagles, in Thursday's 31-21 win, just undressed the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Mike Tomlin's team struggled in every aspect -- so much so that the coach left his starters in for about a quarter longer than the Eagles did -- but of particular concern was how easily Philadelphia moved the ball on Pittsburgh's defense.

"Everybody's pissed off," defensive end Cameron Heyward said after the loss, according to TribLIVE's Ken Laird. "If you're not pissed off you shouldn't be on this team. Big level of disappointment."

The most demoralizing dissapointment took place when the Steelers allowed Mark Sanchez and the Eagles' second-team offense to march unimpeded on back-to-back touchdowndrives.

The score might have ended up only a 10-point spread, but make no mistake: This was a blowout. It was especially embarrassing for a Steelers first-team defense, which was giving up Grand Canyon-sized running lanes to a second-team offensive line.

"Missed tackles. Not following assignments, me included no pointing fingers," Heyward said, checking off the list of defensive struggles. "We've got to step up. More energy, sense of urgency."

Luckily for Pittsburgh this game doesn't count, and there is still time to correct the troubles before the real season begins.

"Best believe when we get to practice stuff better be handled. Or we're in for a long season. It's about responding," Heyward said. "...I'm just ticked. We all have to look in the mirror. When we put on this jersey we represent a lot."

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