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Calvin Johnson wins 'Madden NFL '13' cover vote

The "Madden" curse is for mortals. Or guys who never belonged on the video game's cover to begin with, like Peyton Hillis.

Calvin Johnson isn't mortal, so Detroit Lions fans shouldn't be worried about the curse after learning the wide receiver indeed will grace the cover of "Madden NFL '13." It was announced Wednesday in Times Square that Johnson won a 52 percent-to-48 percent vote over Cam Newton for the honor when the game is released Aug. 28 (although ATL's Dan Hanzus relished the chance to play the game early).

Actually, the Madden Curse is for those of us with nothing better to talk about during the offseason. Johnson is one of the most electrifying players to watch in the NFL, and being on the cover of Madden won't change that. He's one of the only players who makes other NFL athletes look like "just guys" by comparison. (Newton also is in that category.)

If Johnson takes a step back this year, it's because injuries happen in professional football. It's because defenses decide to quadruple-team Johnson. Curses are for sportswriters who are trying to sell books, not athletes who don't believe in such nonsense, like Johnson.

Old-man-style "get off my lawn" rant over ... now.

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