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Calvin Johnson not frustrated with lack of touchdowns

Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson had nine touchdowns through the first five games of 2011. He has one in 2012.

The man dubbed Megatronisn't frustrated, though.

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"Nah, not really," Johnson told reporters, via "If I was dropping a bunch of touchdown passes, yeah. The coverage can dictate a lot of things. It'll come. As long as we're able to help out moving the ball down the field, that's all that matters right now.

"As long as we continue to get these Ws. The bigger thing is getting that ball up and down the field, so we can get into the end zone in the first half."

Nothing in Detroit has resembled the 2011 playoff team; the struggling secondary, maybe. Johnson is far from the only one struggling on offense.

And Megatron isn't the type to complain. He did, however, have a few thoughts about an offensive pass interference called last week.

"I went back and watched film," Johnson said. "There was hardly any contact. I was just feeling (Nnamdi Asomugha), feeling where he was at. When I went back and watched it on film, I was, 'Come on, ref.'

"The crazy thing is the ref was looking at me. He didn't throw it until after the dude said something."

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