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Calvin Johnson: Lions WRs should be having big years

Megatron thinks the Seekers should be having a better season for the Decepticons.

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As Calvin Johnson closes in on his third straight 1,000-yard season (974 yards) he said with all the double and triple teams he's been seeing, other Detroit Lions receivers should be having big years.

"There (have) been games, whether it be the tight end, or Titus (Young), Nate (Burleson) when he was here, they've been able to have some big games," Johnson said, via "That's something that you got to have. That's something that I feel like, put it like this, somebody out of the receiving group, strictly receivers, should have 100 yards every game. That's just the way I feel about it."

Unfortunately, Mr. Megatron, should and do are two completely different situations. The only time any other receiver (or even tight end) has breached the 100-yard mark was Young, who hit 100 on the dot against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 8.

The receiving corp of Young, Burleson and rookie Ryan Broyles has only hit the mark three times combined this season -- two of those games (Seattle, Chicago) when Johnson was held below 50 yards.

Young has been the most disappointing of the trio. The second-year wideout was expected to help take some of the heat off Megatron this season with his ability to take the top off a defense. However, through Week 10 he has only two catches of more than 25 yards. Both 46-yard touchdowns, but one was on a desperation Hail Mary catch against the Tennessee Titans that was batted back at him. He has struggled with drops and has rarely gotten separation from his defender.

Broyles has had his moments since Buleson went down with a broken leg. He has shown some potential in the slot and has sticky hands -- caught 13 of the 17 targets thrown his way. He is still overcoming an ACL injury he suffered in college and trying to learn the intricacies of the pro offense.

Oddly, Broyles and Young are both averaging 11.2 yards per catch, miles behind Megatron's 16.2.

With tight end Brandon Pettigrew continuing to struggle holding onto the ball, the receiving corp will play a bigger role as teams continue to roll coverge Johnson's way.

The All-Pro receiver, for his part, has confidence in his group of pass-catchers.

"This is the firepower weapons we have in this offense," he said.

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