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'Call of Duty' disrupts Ochocinco's marriage proposal

We here at Around the League have a lot to say about football, less to say about romance.

With that said, we tend to believe many women dream of the day Mr. Right will get down on one knee and propose.

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When that guy is Chad Ochocinco, you'd imagine something special would have been in the works -- possibly involving a bull ride, a marching band, at least a sunset -- but that's not what Evelyn Lozada received from her man.

We'll allow the "Basketball Wives" star to tell the tale:

"My proposal, it really wasn't that romantic," Lozada told recently. "He told me that the jeweler was coming to the house, so I thought he was going to buy watches. I didn't know we were going to get engaged. Jason from Beverly Hills gets to the house. He pulls out some rings. ... Chad has his headset on 'cause he likes playing 'Call Of Duty,' 'FIFA,' all of that stuff. He was like, 'Which one do you like?' I'm like, 'I don't know. This one.' It was in a separate box. I picked that one. Put it on. He goes, 'All right, so we're engaged.' "

Just another playbook Ochocinco failed to pick up on.

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