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Burress fends off Tyree's requests for Super Bowl ball

Where does Plaxico Burress house the ball he caught to win Super Bowl XLII? On a mantle in his house.

Where does David Tyree keep the ball he famously grabbed off his helmet to keep that drive alive? On that mantle in Plaxico's house.

That's because they're one and the same, and it's a matter that has caused some playful debate between Tyree, who's now retired, and Burress, who's currently with the Jets.

"David Tyree said it should change houses every year," Burress joked on "The Dan Patrick Show" on Thursday. "He should keep it for 12 months, I should keep it for 12 months."

And with that, a few additional mini-nuggets from the interview:

» Burress expressed no bitterness toward the Giants, saying it was his decision not to return to the team on the heels of a 20-month prison sentence for illegal weapon possession.

» Burress claimed he's "always chasing championships" and touched on his well-known desire to help the Eagles do the same alongside longtime friend Michael Vick: "Obviously, playing with Michael, we're guys who've known each other pretty much coming up through junior high and high school."

» Burress artfully dodged questions about the Eagles' proximity to a Super Bowl appearance compared to the Jets, and while he's on the record with his love for Vick, Plaxico isn't ruling out Gang Green or quarterback Mark Sanchez: "I didn't have any problems with him at all ... Mark will play better."

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