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Buffalo Bills exploring use of the no-huddle offense

Similar experiments and explorations are taking place with the Buffalo Bills offense, Chris Brown of reports.

"This is something we did against Washington (in the preseason opener)," Bills head coach Chan Gailey said. "We may not do it at all against Minnesota or Pittsburgh. It's an element of our offense. Like last year against New England we did it. We didn't do it the first series, but we did it the second and third series and we tried to come back and do it again and we didn't get it going.

"But there are some positives about doing it that we like that we want to keep exploring."

A check of the official NFL gamebooks reveal that the Bills used the no-huddle on just 44 plays last season, with nearly half (21) of those plays coming in the finale against New England. The Bills really got the no-huddle going in a Week 15 loss to the Miami Dolphins, with Ryan Fitzpatrick hitting Derek Hagan for a touchdown pass late in the fourth quarter.

Fitzpatrick's football smarts is part of the reason Gailey wants to explore the up tempo offense.

"Yes, that's part of it," Gailey said of his Harvard-educated quarterback. "The other thing is if we can get the matchups that we like we create great matchups. If they want to leave their seven man front in there and we go to empty (backfield) somebody is not in a favorable matchup for the opponent."

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