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Buddy Nix realized he lacked energy to be Bills GM

Three weeks ago, Buffalo Bills team president Russ Brandon said "Buddy Nix is our general manager and will be for a long time."

Change of plans or change of heart?

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According to a source with knowledge of the Bills' plans, it was a change of heart.

The plan originally was for Nix to be GM for a while longer. Yet after the season, Nix took a step back and realized he didn't have the energy or excitement to start a new scouting year. That's because, like all teams, the Bills have their first 2014 scouting meeting next week in Florida. Nix reportedly didn't have the same drive to attend and start a new cycle of evaluating players.

Nix will remain with the organization as a special projects official for the new GM and coach Doug Marrone. This means they might call Nix and say, "Can you take a look at our O-line?" Or "Perform this scouting project." These are jobs Nix can do from home. Nix will also attend all home games and many away games.

Everyone I talk to believes the Bills will follow through on their original plan and promote Doug Whaley to GM. But it won't happen today, tomorrow or the next day. There is a process Brandon wants to follow, which likely involves getting the scouting department in order.

Chiefs' newest consultant

Former Nevada coach Chris Ault has agreed to be a consultant with the Kansas City Chiefs. This also means he won't be consulting for other teams, which is important.

A source involved in his hire said Ault will consult on both sides of the ball for the Chiefs, working on possibly installing his pistol formation on offense and teaching the defense how to stop it.

Ault is not moving to Kansas City, but will travel to and from home for minicamps and training camp.

Jaguars support Justin Blackmon

Blackmon's "poor decision" issue has been on the table since at least March. That means Jacksonville Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell and coach Gus Bradley have known about it for months.

They support him. They've been meeting with Blackmon and are on board with him remaining with the Jaguars. Remember, they didn't draft a wide receiver until the fourth round, which shows their faith in Blackmon.

Blackmon's been in the Jaguars' facility all offseason, learning the offense, helping others learn it and has been a "model student."

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