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Bucs QB Tom Brady feels 'pretty good' after offseason knee surgery

Two months after it was reported that Tom Brady was set for minor knee surgery, the Buccaneers quarterback says things are on the up and up.

The 43-year-old signal-caller provided an update on his health Sunday while attending coach Bruce Arians' Family Foundation gala. Brady's response should be encouraging to anyone with a rooting interest in Tampa Bay's immediate future.

"I feel pretty good. I don't know if I could go this week, but, we'll see how things play out," Brady said, per ESPN. "It's a long time between now and the beginning of the season, and just be smart about all these different things that we have to do and fulfill, but we all take a lot of pride in being ready to go and I'm sure we will be."

Brady added, "It's good, it's good. It's good progress. It's rehab. None of that is fun, but looking forward to getting back to real training and stuff, which is hopefully here pretty soon. ... I'm cool with it. It's just part of what you deal with. Things come up. You deal with them the best way you can, with the best opportunity to improve. I'm definitely feeling a lot better than I did six or seven weeks ago."

News of Brady's procedure, which Arians classified in February as a "clean up," preceded the club's decision to sign the future Hall of Famer to a one-year extension. The deal was one of several Bucs brass made this offseason to ensure all 22 of last season's starters remained with the club for the forseeable future.

Every marquee member of the Bucs' Super Bowl LV-winning roster has made it clear they want to "run it back" in 2021. To think Brady won't be the one again leading the charge, even after surgery, would be an oversight of the highest degree.

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