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Bucs OC says Greg Schiano similar to Tom Coughlin

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are hoping to find a diamond in the rough in new head coach Greg Schiano.

Offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan delivered high praise for the former Rutgers coach during a Friday interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio.

"Coach Schiano is in many ways similar to (Tom) Coughlin, from the standpoint of very, very organized and detailed and things like discipline and structure and organization being at a premium," Sullivan said (via "I think he's very bright. And I think he's someone that has brought a concept of family."

Sullivan knows all about Coughlin's methods, working under the coach as an assistant with the New York Giants for eight seasons before joining Schiano's staff in Tampa Bay.

"I think what a lot of folks can expect is just to see a team that's going to be very disciplined and that's going to be really focused on the type of preparation it takes to be at their best," Sullivan said. "And use the elements and use the heat to our advantage."

Schiano is known to run a tight ship, and tight end Kellen Winslow speculated he was traded to the Seattle Seahawks last week because he chose not to be part of Tampa Bay's voluntary workouts. Schiano denied the move was made to send a message, but it's clear the coach is coming from a different angle than the deposed "Youngry" maestro Raheem Morris.

If Schiano turns out to be a younger version of Coughlin, the Bucs are in very good shape for years to come.

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