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Buccaneers would trade No. 13 pick for Darrelle Revis

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers want New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis badly. The more information that gets leaked out, the clearer that picture becomes.

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The latest:'s Ian Rapoport reported Monday that the Buccaneers are willing to send the No. 13 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft for Revis, but the Jets want more. first reported the story. This follows a previous report from Yahoo! Sports that the Buccaneers are willing to spend first-, third- and sixth-round picks for Revis. (Not to mention a hefty long-term contract for Revis.)

Previously, it was believed the Buccaneers were attempting to acquire Revis by only giving up 2014 draft picks. Of course, this is the time of year for misinformation and conflicting information. Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reported Monday that that Bucs aren't sure about giving up the No. 13 overall pick. The team reportedly has a loose, "self-imposed deadline" of about a week before the draft to complete a contract for Revis.

Here's what we think is happening: The Buccaneers and Revis' representatives are getting frustrated with the pace of trade negotiations. They are trying to pressure the Jets into pulling the trigger through the media. Both the Bucs and the agents want a deal to be completed and don't mind giving information out, but the Jets don't seem to be in any hurry. And why should the Jets hurry?

From the sound of it, the Buccaneers' offer for Revis keeps getting better. The draft still is weeks away. The Bucs' reported offer is more than fair at this point, and there don't seem to be any suitors other than the Buccaneers, so a deal still seems inevitable.

The Buccaneers and Revis' agents might be getting frustrated, but it's not like they have a lot of options. No matter how impatient they are.

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