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Bryant's athleticism provides match for Vick in Cowboys practice

It's not unusual for teams preparing to face the Eagles to enlist a player to emulate quarterback Michael Vick during practice.

Some teams -- the Bills' choice was Tyler Thigpen, to cite an example -- don't produce an ideal facsimile.

The Cowboys, on the other hand, are using a player who has every bit of Vick's vaunted athleticism. He's even a left-handed thrower.

His name? Dez Bryant.

Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee feels Bryant -- the talented young wideout -- gives the Cowboys something that closely resembles Vick as they prepare for their Week 8 matchup.

"He did a great job. He has that unbelievable athleticism very similar to Michael Vick," Lee said Thursday on NFL Network's "Around the League." "The surprising thing about Dez though, he also has a great arm; he can throw the ball 60 yards. So he was running around giving us a great look and that's something we're going to use on Sunday."

The Cowboys could engineer a Vick clone for practices and still get burned Sunday. But it can't hurt to at least prepare themselves for the explosiveness of the real thing.

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