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Bryant McKinnie: Bills knew Ryan Tannehill's cadence

Ryan Tannehill was sacked seven times Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. Aside from facing the NFL's leading sack unit, left tackle Bryant McKinnie thinks he knows why the Bills were able to get great pressure.

"They got in a rhythm with our cadence," he said, per the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

McKinnie, who was brought in midway through the season, didn't previously mention the trouble to coaches because he didn't believe another team had caught on.

"I always used to wonder like, 'Dang, I wonder why nobody's actually ever keyed in,'" he said. "If you watch film, I could probably [figure] it out a little bit after a while.

"But the change I suggested would definitely work. It'll keep them honest now. I think they were taking a little risk here and there and it just so happened it was being accurate."

This isn't the first time the Dolphins' snap count has been in question in the past two seasons. The Houston Texans' J.J. Watt last year discussed picking up the Dolphins' snap count from watching HBO's "Hard Knocks." Earlier this season, left guard Nate Garner said he thought the Tampa Bay Buccaneersknew the calls. And many Dolphins fans claim they can guess the snap as well.

The Dolphins' line has struggled and Tannehill has gotten pummeled this season to the tune of 58 sacks -- 12 more than the next closest quarterback. Most of the sacks are a result of pure pass-protection breakdowns, but when a teammate openly admits the snap count is too easy to crack, we have to assume defenses have figured it out as well.

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