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Bruce Arians wants to ditch the ball cap for his Kangol

Tom Landry rocked the fedora. Bear Bryant sported the houndstooth. Bruce Arians would like to introduce the Kangol.

The new Arizona Cardinals coach wants to ditch the played-out sideline cap for his ample collection of Kangols. He has 20-plus in his closet, in a variety of colors. They're as much a part of his wardrobe as shoes and undergarments.

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Arians said Wednesday he'll ask the NFL permission to wear them during games,'s Ian Rapoport reported.

Players and coaches have been making fashion statements on the sidelines forever. Bill Belichick has his trademark hoodie. Steve Spurrier loves the visor. Les Miles prefers the simple white ballcap. Jim Tressel was all about the sweater vest. Players have integrated bandanas, do-rags, various gloves and even cleats modeled after Jordan basketball shoes.

There's one problem with Arians' request: The NFL has a freakish obsession with its uniforms. There are officials on every sideline to monitor everything, from how high socks are pulled up to if jerseys are tucked in. Fines are handed out each week when criteria is not met.

The NFL also has extensive apparel contracts and is very involved in what everyone, including club personnel, wears on the sideline. The league even had a commercial last season, featuring Jerry Jones, that solely advertised the "football cap." I doubt the Kangol kangaroo is NFL-licensed.

Arians' best bet might be to have his Kangols affixed with an NFL logo. One way or another, this needs to happen. Let the man stay fresh and clean on the sideline.

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