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Bruce Arians wants an Arizona Cardinals QB with 'grit'

New Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians needs one thing to have a chance of success -- quality quarterback play. Fired coach Ken Whisenhunt couldn't get that from Kevin Kolb, John Skelton or Ryan Lindley.

Arians is known for his work with Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Andrew Luck and for his aggressive scheme that pushes the ball downfield. He didn't ease Luck into the playbook as a rookie -- everything was installed and available.

Arians talked about what he's looking for during his introductory news conference Friday.

"When you go out and evaluate quarterbacks," Arians said, via The Arizona Republic, "you can look at arm strength, you can look at accuracy, you can look at height, weight, speed -- all the things that are coming up with these young quarterbacks -- but you truly can't measure two muscles, the brain and the heart, and that's what separates them.

"That's the grit. When they step in the huddle, the other 10 guys, whatever comes out of his mouth, they believe it's going to work. That doesn't mean he's the most talented player in the world, but he has that leadership, grit, that he's going to do whatever it takes for his football team. It means he's tough as nails and guys will follow him into a fire. That's what you're looking for. That's grit."

Some call that "True Grit," I do believe. Arians should have worn an eye-patch as he gave that explanation.

The question is: Is there a quarterback on the Cardinals' roster with those intangibles? If so, they didn't show it in 2012.

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