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Bruce Arians: Arizona Cardinals' offense making errors

Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians is finding out how poor of an offense he inherited, and it's not sitting well.

"Right now, our defense is way outplaying our offense, and our offense needs to pick it up," Arians said Tuesday, via The Arizona Republic. "We're behind where I'd like to be right now."

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It's not shocking that the defense would be ahead, considering it was the reason the Cardinals even reached five wins in 2012. However -- as an offensive-minded coach -- Arians isn't going to sit by and accept poor play, especially due to a slow learning curve.

"We're just not picking it up fast enough, still not picking it up the way I'd like to, at all positions," Arians said before targeting one group in particular.

"I really don't like mental mistakes, especially if you made the same one last week," he said. "That should be corrected and in the books by now. Our receivers are not getting that done."

Larry Fitzgerald, who dropped a ball Tuesday he normally catches, will not like reading his group called out by the coach.

There might be a bit of "This ain't Indy/Pittsburgh anymore, Toto" going on for Arians. It's more likely that the coach took a chance early in the offseason program to take a shot at a group he knows has a solid leader.

It's not new for a coach to call out a player or players he knows will take that criticism and resolve to make sure it doesn't happen again. Fitzgerald is that type of leader and competitor. We'd be surprised if that learning curve doesn't round into form quickly.

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