Browns WR Odell Beckham playing through sports hernia

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham drew headlines this week for -- what else -- discussing his future.

If this offseason is anything like his last, it won't be the last time a landing spot for the star is broached.

But there is a reality that's more pertinent: Beckham has been playing through a serious and often painful sports hernia injury, sources say, one that will necessitate surgery in the offseason. He hasn't missed a game yet, but he has been battling.

The ailment robs him of practice time and is one of the main culprits as to why Beckham and quarterback Baker Mayfield aren't always on the same page.

Practice time is important, and while Cleveland has tried to make the most of when Beckham has been out there, having to manage his workload has led to the two parties not always thinking the same. There has been miscommunication.

Consider: Beckham has been on the injury report every week of the season. Since Week 8, he was listed with a groin injury and participating mostly on a limited basis. At times, he has been full. From Week 1 to Week 6, he was listed with a hip injury.

Sports hernias are sometimes characterized as hip or groin injuries, and often both. Beckham discussed his status in vague terms this week.

"[I've] been banged up all year since whatever happened in camp," Beckham said. "Playing through whatever it is, just trying to make it through to Sunday. Any time Sunday comes around, I'm going to give the team everything I have."

Beckham has put up numbers, with 57 catches for 805 yards and two TDs. He's averaging 14.1 yards per catch, which would be his most since 2015. Combined with Jarvis Landry (65 catches for 919 yards), the two have 122 receptions this season, tied for sixth-most among teammate duos. They have combined for 1,724 receiving yards this season, the fifth-best duo.

Of course, the headlines came this week because Beckham left open a question on Twitter about his future, saying, "No one knows what the future holds tomorrow," when asked if he wants to return to Cleveland. He then tweeted, "I NEVER said I was not happy in Cleveland, just like everyone else I'm hopeful for better results. Period. Next story plzz."

And while no one would rule out any trade, especially in this trade-happy NFL, dealing Beckham this coming offseason a year after sending a first-round pick and more to the Giants seems far-fetched.

It appears to be the furthest thing from anyone's mind now and remains pretty unlikely. One might wonder if the Browns could get enough for him to make it worthwhile but that's all speculation. Perhaps OBJ summed it up best.

"Ultimately," Beckham said, "what fixes everything is winning."

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