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Browns' Thomas dismisses Curry's view of Browns' O-line

According to Aaron Curry, the Cleveland Browns are giving away company secrets.

After the Seahawks shipped Curry to the Raiders, the linebacker's first blood with Oakland came in a 24-17 win over the Browns. He played well, and he knows why. Curry said the Browns' offensive line telegraphed, well, EVERYTHING.

"One of the O-linemen from Cleveland, they gave it up every play -- most of the time, I'd say about 70 percent of the time -- whether it was run or pass," Curry told reporters after the game. "They had no clue they were doing it, but I figured it out from just watching the film."

Cleveland's 23rd-ranked offense has played at times as if they're doing just as Curry reported, but Pro Bowl offensive tackle Joe Thomas laughed it off.

"He must be a wizard because after being (in Oakland) one day, he figured it out?" Thomas told The Plain Dealer. "He must be really smart. ... I'm sure if a guy was leaning really far back or really far forward, maybe (he could see it). But for one day? That is very impressive."

Thomas said he and the team rigorously self-scout their line and would have nabbed any showy tendencies: "If I would have noticed something, we would have taken care of it."

Something the Browns haven't taken care of? The mere 97 points they've scored in six games, tied for fourth-worst in the league with the Seahawks. Consider that the Saints have scattered 239 points on the enemy during the same stretch. Hard to pin all those problems on an O-lineman's stance.

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