Browns' Robert Griffin III can earn $22M if incentives are met

Robert Griffin III signed a two-year contract this past offseason, and starting Sunday, the Browns starting QB can begin the process of trying to maximize it.

In the deal signed with hopes that Griffin would emerge as the starter, the former Redskins first-rounder got a deal with a base value of $15 million.

But he can earn $7 million more based on how he plays, beginning Sunday when the Browns take on the Philadelphia Eagles on the road.

The basics are simple: Griffin gets $6.75 million guaranteed this year and if he plays in all 16 games, he gets another $750,000. The Browns have a decision to make next March, when a $750,000 roster bonus is due. If they pick it up, it's a $6 million base and $750,000 more available in per-game bonuses.

Then, the heavy incentives take hold, and it should pay him like a starter if he performs like one. If Griffin meets the obligations of his incentives, he can earn $22 million over two years.

There are several numbers to watch:

If RGIII participates in at least 75 percent of the offensive plays, he can earn $500,000 each year. If he eclipses 90 percent, that number becomes $1.5 million available each year, instead. In short, if he plays every snap for two years, tack on another $3 million to his contract.

There is another benchmark for passing yards. For each season, if he throws for between 3,250 and 3,499 yards, he earns $250,000. That becomes $500,000 between 3,500 and 3,999 yards. That number is $1 million for more than 4,000 yards. So, if he goes past 4,000 yards in each season, he can earn $2 million total.

Lastly, the personal incentives include a passer-rating measure. Between 88 and 89.9, he gets $250,000. Between 90 and 92.9, it grows to $500,000. And if he goes over 93 passer rating, the incentive is $1 million. If RGIII surpasses a 93 passer rating each year, that's $2 million for him.

RGIII would have to become the franchise starter to achieve these numbers, some of which are better than those of his rookie year. The Browns would be happy to pay if he met those marks.

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