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Browns, Redskins reportedly have limits in RG3 chase

Popular thinking has the Browns and Redskins as the favorites to trade up for the Rams' No. 2 overall pick and land Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III in next month's draft.

There isn't much mystery there, but there is intrigue as we learn what each team is willing to give up to take the dynamic Heisman Trophy winner.

Citing league sources, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Sunday that the Browns are against a deal that would include their second first-round pick as part of a package to move up to No. 2.

The Browns have the fourth pick, and they acquired the Falcons' 2012 first-round selection (No. 22 overall) last year in a trade that helped Atlanta secure wide receiver Julio Jones.

The Redskins appear willing to trade their 2013 first-round pick, as well as their No. 6 overall choice this year. But they aren't willing to include this year's second-round selection, which The Post-Dispatch says "isn't acceptable to the Rams."

Does it seem odd to anyone else that two franchises starving for a potential franchise quarterback would miss the opportunity to land RG3 over bargaining principles?

Perhaps it's just a standoff, with one team waiting for the other to blink. Or maybe a mystery team will seize on this opportunity of shared hesitance to swoop in.

Either way, the Rams are sitting pretty, looking forward to the draft the way a child pines for Christmas.

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