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Browns recall 'terrifying' plane ride after Bengals loss

The Cleveland Browns had a turbulent Sunday -- and it far went beyond their blowout loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Inclement weather turned what was supposed to be a routine flight home into a harrowing adventure, culminating with a bumpy landing at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

The Browns touched down shortly after howling winds had grounded all other commercial flights in the area. Guard Jason Pinkston described a scene of panic as Browns players screamed in the journey's waning moments.

"It was terrifying," Pinkston told "It was the real thing. The weather was so bad. We were coming in to land and (the pilot) had to go kind of fast to balance it out and we came down and we hit on two wheels. The (left) wing was literally three feet from hitting the ground.

"We're actually pretty lucky to be alive right now, to be honest," Pinkston added. "We really escaped one. We got away with one last night."

Other Browns players seconded Pinkston's account of the left wing coming dangerously close to the tarmac during the landing. In a humorous twist, some Browns players and personnel were unperturbed entirely by the whole ordeal. Team spokesman Zak Gilbert recalls "whoas" but no screams, while coach Rob Chudzinski said he was too caught up watching film to get worked up.

"Everyone was freaking out," tight end Jordan Cameron said. "I didn't think it was that bad. There was some turbulence, but it wasn't too serious. At least I thought so. Some guys were calling their moms after the flight."

Can't imagine I'm not the only person thinking about this right now.

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