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Browns rebuild in NFL draft with Weeden, Richardson

The reconstruction of the Cleveland Browns' offense continues.

Two hours after the Browns drafted Trent RichardsonNo. 3 overall to become their new starting running back, they selected their next quarterback in Brandon Weedenwith the 22nd overall pick.

(So much for the reports the Browns expected Colt McCoy to "make the leap" next season.)

"I don't know if we transformed the offense, but we've gotten better," general manager Tom Heckert told The Associated Press. "That was the goal."

Much has been made of Weeden's advanced age (he'll be 29 in October), but his ability to win games at Oklahoma State was strangely overlooked. In addition to big production, Weeden went 23-3 as a starter with the Cowboys, beating Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Ryan Tannehill along the way.

That resume proved to be more important to the Browns than Weeden's age.

"I wasn't concerned about his age," Browns coach Pat Shurmur said. "I was impressed with his maturity and production on tape. We became very fond of him."

Weeden has good size and great arm strength, but he didn't play in a complicated offense at Oklahoma State and will face a serious challenge learning a complex pro system. Also worth noting: He won't have Justin Blackmon to bail him out of trouble anymore.

Given the Father Time situation, it's unlikely the Browns plan to give Weeden much of an incubation period. His football career might have gotten off to a delayed start, but it's about to advance at warp speed.

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