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Browns' Pettine: Two-QB system possible in future

Just days after naming Brian Hoyer the starting quarterback and dismissing a two-quarterback system, Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine is already hedging.

"And people have asked me about potentially a two-quarterback system and having a package for (Johnny Manziel). That is on the table," Pettine told The Opening Drive on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Bob Papa & Ross Tucker on Friday.

"I don't know if that's anything that we want to commit to just now, 'cause I think Brian, because of the competition, is a little behind, with the chemistry and continuity in working with that first group. I think that is something that we can potentially look at down the road."

During Wednesday's edition of the Around The League Podcast, Marc Sessler correctly predicted the flip-flop from Pettine on using Johnny Manziel in a sub-package formation at some point early in the season.

The rationalization for a Browns two-quarterback system is simple: With Josh Gordon still staring down a lengthy suspension, Cleveland lacks elite playmakers on offense. If you have a dynamic player sitting on your bench, use him. Perhaps Johnny Football hasn't beaten the playbook yet, but he can learn a handful of plays to throw off a defense or inject life into an offense.

The flip side of using a second quarterback is that, historically, it doesn't work. Aside from a few outliers -- the most recent being Colin Kaepernick -- most teams that sub out their starter disrupt the entire offense, making the whole operation sputter (see: Tebow, Tim).

In simple terms: If you try to have two girlfriends, you will end up with none.

Pettine's comment on two-quarterback usage is more or less an admission that Hoyer was the default choice and is keeping the seat warm for the moment the light clicks for Manziel.

"It wasn't that Johnny was behind Hoyer, we just felt that at this time Hoyer is our best option," the coach said.

At this time.

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