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Browns' Mike Holmgren believes in Brandon Weeden

Cleveland Browns coach Pat Shurmur believes outstanding quarterback play "brings synergy to the whole team."

The Browns' selection of Brandon Weeden with their second first-round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft seemed to be irrefutable proof they no longer believe Colt McCoy could provide that synergy.

So what's next? Shurmur was coy on the subject, and team president Mike Holmgren was similarly vague during a news conference Saturday.

"I like him a lot," Holmgren said of McCoy, according to The Plain Dealer. "He's tough, but (we) still wanted to see if someone else could be the man."

Those have to be stinging words for McCoy, whose time in Cleveland clearly is up despite never receiving the help on offense that Weeden receives as he walks in the door with running back Trent Richardson.

"We felt we needed to establish the run in this city, this weather," Holmgren said.

Holmgren believes McCoy can remain on the roster and compete with Weeden for a spot. Holmgren wasn't interesting in discussing any hypotheticals about McCoy's future.

"I always had four quarterbacks in camp when I was coaching," Holmgren said. "Of course, when you get to 52 players, that's something else.

"I'm not going to speculate on anything," Holmgren added. "We'll wait and see."

One other interesting note: The Brownshad two brief conversations with the Indianapolis Colts about the No. 1 overall pick and Andrew Luck. Holmgren said one of the talks lasted five minutes.

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