Browns' Greg Little vows to learn from reckless driving incidents

BEREA, Ohio -- Cleveland Browns wide receiver Greg Littleknows he has to slow down. It's the only option.

His career, and perhaps his life, depends upon it.

Little vowed Thursday to act more responsibly after it was revealed that he wrecked his car driving 127 mph - more than 70 mph over the legal speed limit - in April, an incident and decision he called "mindless."

"It's obviously something that I've got to take very seriously and slow my speeds down and be cautious of others on the road," Little said. "I could have seriously put my life and other lives in danger."

He knows he's lucky to have survived.

"Yeah, it was a pretty traumatic experience and it's something that I learned from and I'm just trying to move forward and just learn from it," he said.

Although Little vowed to slow down, earlier this week he was ticketed for driving 81 mph in a 60-mph zone and for having expired license plates.

Browns coach Rob Chudzinski said he has spoken to Little, as well as wide receiver Josh Gordon, who also was cited for speeding this month.

"We take that seriously. It's not acceptable," Chudzinski said after practice Thursday. "I've sat down with both of those guys individually and talked to them and addressed that with them as well as with the team."

Chudzinski said both players understood they were endangering themselves and others. He would not say if the players have been disciplined.

"All of these guys are guys that are learning how to mature," Chudzinski said. "We're working to build a locker room and a team and a foundation of guys that are accountable and that's what being as Brown is going to be about." for driving 81 mph in a 60 mph and for having expired license plates.

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