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Browns got away with illegal razzle-dazzle play vs. Rams

Cleveland fans: You might want to skip this one.

What we need to tell you -- and forgive us -- is that one of the few promising plays run by the Browns' offense in Sunday's soul-scattering loss to the Rams should never have counted.

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In the second quarter of this quite forgettable affair, the Browns ran a trick play (video above) that involved two forward passes.

The play in question stationed versatile Josh Cribbs in shotgun, with quarterback Colt McCoy split left and backup passer Seneca Wallace split right.

» At the snap, Cribbs takes the snap and flips it to Wallace, motioning left. Forward pass No. 1.

» McCoy then enters stage left and receives Wallace's lateral. Colt then proceeds to whip it to Wallace 21 yards downfield. Forward pass No. 2, a football no-no.

"The first exchange (Cribbs to Wallace) was practiced all week as a handoff. Three times," Pat Shurmur told The Plain Dealer. "In the game, it got flipped. That kind of stuff happens all the time. I was well aware what happened. And I know the rules."

The play helped the Browns kick a field goal to come within one point of the Rams, 7-6, but it mattered little in the end.

As's Dan Hanzus tweeted after the game: "Call your friends that are Browns fans. Gauge their demeanor. Say something if he tries to give you his stereo for free."

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