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Broncos' Ronnie Hillman goes from Snoop's wing to NFL

We've heard a lot of cool stories this week about the unique journeys that some players have taken in their path to the NFL draft. Only one of those stories includes the author of "Gin and Juice."

Ronnie Hillman, the Denver Broncos' newest running back, went to school at San Diego State, but some of his earliest football games were played under the watchful eye of Snoop D-O-double G. Hillman played in a youth football league in Long Beach that was run by Snoop Dogg, according to the Denver Post.

"He really didn't coach, but he was a pretty good guy and helped a lot of kids that couldn't (otherwise) play," Hillman said.

The world's most famous Springfield Indians fan was more of an "overseer" of the league rather a coach, but he did buy the players Sony Personal PlayStations when they went to a tournament in Miami.

Their opponent in Miami: The team led by Luther Campbell of "2 Live Crew." Of course.

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