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Broncos' Porter close to ribbing Manning about INT

The Denver Broncos signed both Peyton Manning and Tracy Porter in the offseason, bringing together two men who will forever be linked in Super Bowl lore.

It was Porter, of course, who intercepted Manning late in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLIV, taking it back 74 yards for the game-clinching score for the New Orleans Saints.

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Predictably, Porter was asked this week if he has ribbed Manning about the play that altered both their careers.

"Not yet. Coming close," Porter said after Tuesday's organized team activity, according to USA Today. "Maybe a little bit down the line. Right now, I'm just trying to grasp the defensive playbook and he's trying to take control of that offense. I think once we finally get settled in we'll have enough time to shoot that little joke in. As of right now, we're both still learning."

Porter knows it's inevitable that the play will come up, whether he initiates it or not.

"Trust me, I know if you (reporters) are out there and I happen to intercept Peyton and run it back, that'll be the start of things to come," he said.

Manning is a well-documented "good guy" and all, but we're not sure how well this would go over.

TP: "Hey Peyton, didn't my interception remind you of the greatest failure of your decorated career?"

PM: (thousand-yard stare) "Yep."

TP: (blissfully unaware) "Talk about a case of Déjà vu!"

PM: "I'm going to have you released."

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