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Broncos LB Danny Trevathan has blooper to remember

An all-time blooper by Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan cost Denver seven points in the middle of a 49-27 blowout of the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night. He's lucky it didn't cost the team more than that.

Trevathan picked off Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco's fourth-quarter pass and was on his way into the end zone to give the Broncos a 48-17 lead. But Trevathan did his best Leon Lett impression before he scored, dropping the ball around the 2-yard line.

The Ravens wound up getting the ball back on a touchback, and Broncos linebacker Wesley Woodyard had to be helped off the field with an apparent ankle injury he suffered while chasing after the fumble. Luckily, the injury doesn't appear too serious. Woodyard was spotted running on the sideline after the injury.

We're thankful Woodyard is fine. That way, we can enjoy watching one of the most bone-headed plays we've seen in a while without any guilt.

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