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Broncos go to sushi place, demand 25 pounds of steak

So much for the idea neither Super Bowl team would set foot in Manhattan this week.

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The intrepid humans over at the New York Post reported Wednesday that members of the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks "partied hard" at NYC restaurants and downtown clubs on a rowdy Monday night.

The highlight of the dispatch centered on a dinner attended by a small group of Broncos defensive players at sushi restaurant Tokya.

"The Broncos thought sushi was too dainty a dish for the main course," a source told Page Six. "They ate tons of sushi rolls, every roll imaginable, then said they needed more protein and demanded steak. So the restaurant had to send someone out for 25 pounds of steak."

This is the best. If Broncos players read our Super Bowl Visitor's Guide, they'd know Manhattan has some of the finest steakhouses in all the land. And yet, they chose a sushi restaurant, then sent some poor soul out into the single-digit cold to track down 25 pounds of beef.

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Where did this guy even go? How does one find that amount of quality meat on such short notice? And what's the initial staff reaction when unsatisfied NFL players demand more protein? Fear and loathing in Midtown East, I suppose.

One last note: During the "dainty" phase of their feast, the players were presented with chopsticks and "immediately asked for forks." Man, there was a serious disconnect here on what a sushi restaurant is all about.

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