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Broncos' Fox leaves Tebow's status as starting QB in doubt

As much as this might pain you, it sure sounds like Broncos coach John Fox could be giving some serious consideration to pulling the plug on Tebow Time.

In the wake of the Broncos' 45-10 home loss to the Lions on Sunday, Fox hardly gave quarterback Tim Tebow a ringing endorsement when asked who would start next week against the Raiders.

"It's too early to say," Fox said. "I haven't even had a shower yet, let alone look at the tape. We've definitely got to get better."

Will that be with Tebow under center? He certainly didn't look like he deserved to be there against the Lions.

Tebow, who was 18 of 39 for 179 yards and a touchdown, was erratic and off-target all day with some signature ugly-duck passes; he had the football stripped from his left hand and scooped up for a touchdown; he threw a pick-six that was returned 100 yards; and he was sacked seven times.

With his performance Sunday, Tebow erased the memories of last week's heroic effort in Miami. Fox apparently doesn't care about it anymore. And who could blame him? Tebow has played well for all of five minutes -- those final drives in the comeback win over the Dolphins -- in his two starts.

Still, at least one of Tebow's teammates has faith in him.

"Natural born leader. He's already proven that," rookie linebacker Von Miller said. "He's a great guy with great character.

"I feel like he can get it done. I'm a believer until the end."

That could've already come Sunday. But if you're a believer, too, and you still want Tebow, now would be a good time to start Tebowing.

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