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Broncos coach Fox believes Tebow 'ought to be celebrated'

If John Fox was once a reluctant passenger on the Tim Tebow Express, that time is over. He's now the conductor

In lifting the Broncos from a 1-4 record to 5-5, Tebow has reawakened Denver's season and forced his coach to ask the question: Why all the hate?

"He's real. He walks the walk," Fox told The Associated Press this week. "A guy like that in today's society, in my mind, ought to be celebrated, not scrutinized to the level that he is."

Tebow floats under the radar about as seamlessly as a seven-mile-wide mothership from Saturn hovering over the Bronx.

He's radioactive, in a sense, eliciting a type of love/hate response that's left Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Chad Ochocinco in the rearview mirror by comparison.

"People are going to say what they're going to say. They're going to doubt our quarterback, doubt our defense, doubt everybody," said Pro Bowl cornerback Champ Bailey. "It doesn't matter. Whether they pat us on the back or kick us, it doesn't matter."

That would suggest that Bailey, Tebow and the boys probably aren't sweating the furious swirl of reader comments on since Timmy toppled the Jets.

Just a sampling of the mad reaction:

» Everyone who hates tebow your all jealous ... he'll keep getting better and better.
» Tebow is a joke are you people serious LOL.
» Had to laugh as Tebow ran over, through and around the Jets defenders who said they were coming for him.
» Criticizing someone for praying is just stupid.
» The guy is really annoying. I hope he goes away soon.
» On his birthday, Tim Tebow randomly selects one lucky child to be thrown into the sun.

Line up, children.

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