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Briggs hoping Bears don't join Vikings on Tebow's hit list

Unless you've been in a hostage situation since early October, you're well aware Tim Tebow has left a thick trail of victims in his wake during a 6-1 run as the Broncos' starting quarterback.

The fervor surrounding Tebow isn't lost on his opponents.

After Tebow sent the Vikings packing last weekend, defensive end Jared Allen admitted to NFL Network on Wednesday, "It just sucks to lose to a guy who's not a throwing quarterback."

The Bears, who face the Broncos on Sunday, aren't exactly lining up to become the next act in Tebow's feel-good opera, with linebacker Lance Briggstelling the Chicago Tribune this week it's not embarrassment he'd feel if he lost to America's favorite signal-caller.

"No, I will be frickin' pissed," Briggs said, adding: "(Tebow) is one heck of a football player and we're going to have to stop that crap."

By "that crap," he means the Broncos' read-option offense, but Briggs comforted nobody who roots for the Bears when he told ESPN Chicago that solving it "isn't rocket scientist ... er ... rocket science."

Well, it has been for six NFL teams, but the Bears might represent Tebow's biggest test since the Lions blasted him 45-10 on Oct. 30, his only loss this season.

So, what makes Tebow any different from other quarterbacks around the league? Warren Sapp is far removed from his playing days, but he explained earlier this month why he'd still relish the chance to face Tebow, ominously whispering, "I want that hide on my wall."

One reason Tebow will keep running.

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