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Brian Urlacher: No Jay Cutler mutiny on Chicago Bears

There hasn't been a Jay Cutler mutiny in the Chicago Bears' locker room. Linebacker Brian Urlacher said it's ridiculous the team still has to address the situation.

"Everyone was asking me about it, but I still haven't seen what happened, and I really don't care what happened," Urlacher told the Chicago Sun-Times. "Whatever happened, it's over with now. We moved on.

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"Someone told me there was a mutiny against Jay in our locker room. If there was, I didn't know about it. I guess we're supposed to be mad at him, but things happen on the sideline. I've gotten into spats with coaches, players, as well. It's just what happens in the NFL. People get pissed off and sometimes do things we shouldn't do, but it happened."

Cameras caught Cutler berating and bumping left tackle J'Marcus Webb during the 23-10 loss to the Green Bay Packers. Cutler was sacked seven times.

Urlacher maintained the incident has been overblown. However, Cutler has a history of odd behavior, and he added fuel when he blamed teammates during the postgame press conference. Also, Bears cornerback D.J. Moore even said Cutler's behavior was out of line.

"It's just like a fight in practice. It's in practice, who cares?" Urlacher said. "You guys probably see us fight in training camp every year. So what? After the practice is over, you are in the locker room and you're buddies again. It's not a big deal.

"We spend a lot of time around each other. So we better get rid of it real quick. It's going to be a long season if we don't."

So no mutiny, as amusing as they would have been. Wednesday would have been especially appropriate on National Talk Like a Pirate Day. We shall no longer follow, thee, Jay Cutler. Arrggghhh!

Two more days, Urlacher, and the Cutler story will fade away. Unless he cusses someone else out on national television again. Which could happen.

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