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Brian Urlacher: Maybe NFL teams no longer want me

After a day to digest the news, Brian Urlacher didn't sound angry at the Chicago Bearsanymore. He just noted how strange it was to hear that he is an "ex-Chicago Bear", and couldn't stop himself from using "we" to describe the team he played on for 13 seasons.

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Urlacher doesn't sound depressed. He's disappointed, and he admits he doesn't know where he'll go from here.

"I'm also excited. I get a chance to look around and see what's out there, if there's anything out there at all. I don't know; maybe nobody wants me," Urlacher told The Dan Patrick Show on Friday. "Who knows? We're going to find out, I know what much."

That's a realistic view. The Minnesota Vikings look like a long shot; they are going to look for their middle linebacker in the 2013 NFL Draft. Perhaps they would sign Urlacher with a chance to compete after the draft. The Dallas Cowboys make some sense, but again it's only as a backup.

"The thing is, no one thought I would leave Chicago. All these teams that we've talked to, they thought, 'The (Bears) aren't going to let him go. He's not leaving. Why waste our time with this?' And it's clear now that's not the case."

Urlacher made it clear he wouldn't play for $2 million in Chicago. He indicated to the Chicago Sun-Times that he might take $2 million elsewhere. It's just unclear if he'll get that offer. We wouldn't be that surprised if Urlacher decided not to put on another uniform after all.

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