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Brian Banks wraps camp with Seahawks; 49ers next

In the movies, Brian Banks' two-day tryout with the Seattle Seahawks would leave mouths agape, Banks' bottled-up talent exploding on the field in a brilliant blur of navy and green.

"I can't believe they locked him up in a prison," a stunned player would say to no one in particular. "No, son," Pete Carroll (playing himself, obviously) would reply. "True beauty cannot be contained by bars."

Of course, Banks' story hasn't gotten the silver-screen treatment -- at least not yet -- so instead we're left with the rather mundane reality of the situation.

Confusing QB competition

You can't blame Pete Carroll for wanting the best man at QB, but you have to question the logic in having a three-way competition for the job in camp, Dan Hanzus writes. **More ...**

Banks wasn't signed by the Seahawks on Thursday, and Carroll made no such promises that will happen. The coach did speak positively about the workout, however.

"He exceeded my expectations," Carroll said Thursday, via The Associated Press. "He looked much more comfortable than I thought he would. He's not in good shape yet and he's a ways from that, but I was really surprised that he fit in as well as he did."

Carroll said Banks looks the part of an NFL linebacker.

"Size-wise, strength-wise and all that kind of stuff he's in the right kind of profile so he did a good job," he said. "We've got to look at the film and see what's going on with that, but I was really proud of him today."

Banks tweeted Thursday night his next stop is San Francisco, where he'll take part in the 49ers' minicamp.

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