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Brett Favre: Tony Romo often forced into reckless play

If anyone knows about reckless quarterback play, it's probably NFL great Brett Favre. The former Green Bay Packers quarterback was famous for making throws and decisions that few others could pull off successfully.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is one of those quarterbacks who often is criticized for making the wrong decision at the worst time. Favre doesn't blame Romo, though.

"I like the way he plays," Favre said Friday at a Southern Methodist University athletic forum luncheon, The Dallas Morning News reported. "I think there's times that he's made plays or decisions that were bad. But I think based on how the team has played or the way that game has gone, for the most part, has kind of dictated the way his decision-making has played into it.

"I guess the way for me to explain it would be that if the Cowboys' offense is going according to plan, say you're up by 14, or you're never out of it and your running game is OK, and you know where everyone is going to line up and you know what you're going to get out of your defense, then I think he would probably play less recklessly. I think it just kind of falls in line with how maybe the season or the game goes."

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That's the long way of saying: If the Cowboys were better, Romo wouldn't have to force things himself.

"Does that get you in trouble sometimes when you try to do too much?" Favre asked. "Sure it does. But I think I'd rather have a guy who's willing to take those chances."

As frustrating as Romo's play can be, he's still one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL. At the same time, not all of his mistakes have come under duress. Romo is 32 years old and has played 10 years in the NFL; he is what he is at this point.

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