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Brett Favre supports overturned bounty suspensions

Jonathan Vilma has Brett Favre on his side.

A victory for the players

With the aftermath from the New Orleans Saints' bounty scandal still being worked out, Favre doesn't think the statement from former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is enough to make the case.

"In all honesty, I'm pretty indifferent," Favre told ESPN, via "But I'd have to say when they were allowed to play, I thought that was the right move, because I don't see enough evidence. I don't think 'some guy said that this went on' is enough evidence. I don't know Jonathan all that well. I think he's a great player. Seems like a great leader. Seems like the guys who have played with him have a lot of respect for him and Scott Fujita. The other guys I really don't know.

"I felt like that's the right thing to do. Otherwise, I think it's just hearsay."

Favre previously had said he didn't care about the bounty situation. In reality, it doesn't matter what Favre thinks about it -- even if he was one of the bounty targets. The only thing of significance is who played what role in the scandal. Favre's opinion is pretty inconsequential.

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