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Brett Favre starts career as high school football coach

If you're like us, you're basking in the glow of the first NFL offseason in eons that hasn't featured any speculation about a Brett Favre comeback.

Favre is home in Hattiesburg, Miss., having traded in his jersey and football pants for a T-shirt and Wrangler jorts.

The legendary quarterback hasn't completely removed football from his life, however. Favre just started a gig as offensive coordinator for nearby Oak Grove High School.

There are no questions about the "bounty" scandal here. No pay, either. Just Favre and kids who weren't born when his NFL career started, but still remember watching him on TV.

"The stress is already getting to me," Favre said laughing, according to a Monday report from The Associated Press. "I'll wake up in the middle of the night saying, 'Hey, maybe we can do this? Maybe that will work?' "

Favre the player is remembered as the Ol' Gunslinger, but there's obviously a lot of football strategy rattling around that head after 20 seasons in the game.

"One of the reasons I retired in the first place was I wanted to be in one place and experience all these things with my family," Favre said. "This year will be a trial basis (for coaching). I feel like I can help the kids, but I'm not promising we'll win any more games. Shoot, we might not win one."

The nation definitely was Favre'd out by the end of his stop-and-start career, but we have to admit -- it's good to hear from No. 4. For a guy whose career played out like a movie, coaching kids at a local high school makes perfect narrative sense.

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