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Brett Favre: 'I really don't care' about 'bounty' scheme

Everybody else has weighed in the New Orleans Saints' "bounty" scandal, so why not Brett Favre.

The retired quarterback sat down with NFL Network's Deion Sanders on Friday, and said he hasn't given much thought to being targeted as quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings in the 2010 NFC Championship Game against New Orleans.

"People ask me about it at home, because everyone back home was Saints fans," Favre told Sanders. "I grew up a Saints fan, an hour from the Superdome.

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"My feeling, and I mean this wholeheartedly, is that I really don't care. What bothers me is we didn't win the game. And they didn't take me out of the game. They came close, but a lot of people have come close. I'm too stubborn to come out. Plus, that was kind of a big game. I'm not going to sit the last three minutes. I'm going to go out there with bones sticking out of the skin, I'm going to finish it."

Anyone who took a look at Favre's grapefruit-sized ankle after that affair understands the ol' gunslinger played through immense pain. It doesn't seem to bother Favre that he was the target of former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and his troops. Favre -- sounding weary -- only spoke of falling short of the Super Bowl.

"I'm just upset we didn't win," he said again, his voice trailing off.

It's not the last we'll hear from Favre, but he's not losing sleep over this ongoing "bounty" mini-drama.

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