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Brett Favre: Goodell's power 'doesn't matter to me'

If there is a theme from Brett Favre's interview with Deion Sanders, it's that the former Green Bay Packers, New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings quarterback has moved on from his NFL career.

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He doesn't care whether or not the New Orleans Saints had a bounty on him. And he doesn't have a strong opinion about how NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has handled the issue.

Sanders asked Favre if Goodell has too much power.

"Well, I'm out of the league," Favre said while laughing. "You know, it doesn't really matter to me. I really don't keep up with it a lot."

Favre's full comments on Goodell can be seen on "NFL Total Access" on Thursday. He praised suspended Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma as a player and said he doesn't know him as a person.

"I mean who am I to say-- I-- I don't know, you know, what-- what went on," Favre said. "I'm just kind of hearin' it like everyone else. Let them defend it."

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