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Brett Favre enters Mississippi political spectrum

Brett Favre continues to run away with the title of the NFL's most fascinating post-retirement entity.

The legendary former quarterback is living the good life in Mississippi these days, coaching high school football, tending to his land, and working out like Balboa in the Russian expanse. With his enhanced physique, tousled silver hair and imposing mountain beard, Favre has morphed into a cross between Roger Sterling and Wolverine.

This is all great.

In the video above, you'll find Favre dipping his toe into the political spectrum. The Ol' Gunslinger has come to the aide of incumbent U.S. Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi, who's in the midst of a heated primary battle with State Senator Chris McDaniel. Cochran hopes Favre can swing some voters in South Mississippi.

Favre is a big celebrity "get." McDaniel's highest-profile celebrity endorsement comes via game show host Chuck "We'll be back in two and two" Woolery. Advantage, Cochran.

"I've learned through football that strong leadership can be the difference between winning and losing," Favre says in the spot. "Mississippi can win, and win big, with Thad Cochran as our strong voice in Washington."

It should be noted that Favre delivers his message while sitting on the back of a maintenance cart at an area golf course. Don't ever change, No. 4.

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