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Breaking down how Tebow fits into Jets' plans

Tim Tebow didn't cost much in terms of draft picks, but he's not your average backup. The Jets wouldn't have traded for him unless they planned to use him. So how will Tebow fit in on the field?

First step: Beat out Drew Stanton

Oh by the way: The Jets thought they already signed a backup quarterback this offseason. Stanton is mobile, but he's more a traditional quarterback like Mark Sanchez. In many ways, he makes more sense as a backup to Sanchez because the Jets wouldn't have to tweak their offense to fit Tebow.

Start working on Tebow Package

Former Dolphins coach Tony Sparano oversaw the original Wildcat in Miami. Look for Sparano and company to start working on a package for Tim Tebow right away.

Tebow makes more sense in New York as a situational player than a true backup or starting quarterback. The Jets used to love to use Brad Smith in the Wildcat. Late last season, they started to use Jeremy Kerley in the same role.

That group of plays will surely be expanded for Tebow. They can use him as a change-up during drives, in the red zone, and in short yardage situations. We'd expect to see Tebow on the field plenty right away.

Return to Ground and Pound?

Perhaps Tebow will be used in the same backfield as Sanchez. This could be the start to Tebow's transition as an H-back/quarterback.

(If you thought Santonio Holmes didn't like Sanchez's inaccuracy, we can't wait to see his reaction after Tebow throws a worm-burner.)

The Jets want to return to a run-first team under Rex Ryan, but they don't really have a great run-blocking line up front to make it work. Tebow may not find the same holes in the running game he did in Denver.

Controversy starts … now

NFL Network's humble host Rich Eisen can't envision the Jets faithful chanting "Tebow, Tebow, Tebow!" after Mark Sanchez starts struggling next year. Don't be so sure.

Tebow is nothing if not popular everywhere he goes. The bloom has come off Sanchez's rose in the Big Apple. Sanchez will have to play well early in the season to avoid a possible benching.

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